Calm Clear Mind

Mindfulness Techniques for Staff and Students

Research shows that mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety, avoid overwhelm, and improve mental and physical health.

 It can leave us feeling happier and more energetic.

Forbes reported that, according to a 2018 survey, one in two people would like to see a greater focus on their wellbeing at work. Wellness initiatives can provide valuable tools and show employees that they, and their health and wellbeing, are valued.

Be the best you can be around your students

Your mindset is as important as what you teach.

Your own happiness affects students' experiences in the classroom. 

Be a part of the solution

You can learn to...

Stop and breathe.

Get calm and relax.

Be mindful and aware of your thoughts, breath, and emotions.

Manage your own emotions and reactions and, in turn, help students to do the same.

Maintain a calm, respectful environment.

Tackle behavior management in a different way.

Change the way you react.

Be more peaceful in the classroom and in your life.

Be more focused and have more energy.

Be less reactive.

Be aware of your feelings and the feelings of others.

Manage your stress and control impulses.

Develop more thoughtful, caring relationships.

Be more optimistic and have a better attitude.

Reframe failure as an opportunity for learning.

Practice self-compassion.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

You don’t have to be perfect.

Calm Clear Mind 
Mindfulness Training
for Teachers

• Quick, simple, easy, research based techniques

• Straight forward, PRACTICAL tips

• Practical applications for improving your own well-being

• Relatable and easy to follow

• Practical wisdom and science

• Simple tools that empower you to start where you’re at

• Useful techniques, suggestions, scripts, and examples you can use immediately

Create a harmonious classroom environment and enhance children's capacity to learn, be creative and maintain balance.

Make conscious decisions.

Increase self-awareness.

Learn to tap into moments in your day when you need a break and use these techniques right where you are.

In a world full of constant stimulation, we need to be taught, or at the very least be given opportunities to slow down and experience what’s happening inside our own minds and bodies.

Learn More

Customized options to meet your school or district’s needs. Some ideas include...

A one-time introductory presentation or workshop with tips and resources

Monthly sessions with staff for ongoing development and support

8-week mindfulness training for teachers to receive the full benefit

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I'm Sarah Morphew, a certified mindfulness and meditation instructor with 20 years practice in a variety of meditation techniques. I live in Estherville, IA and I'm the daughter, niece and daughter-in-law of schoolteachers.

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