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During your retreat you will learn lifelong skills, mindfulness meditation techniques and mental strategies to go beyond negative mind states and to cultivate focus, clarity, emotional balance and relaxation. Our retreats are especially for those seeking more fulfillment and meaning in life, or looking for ways to improve and grow their relationships.

Our retreats will help you develop focus, manage stress and develop your mind to an optimal state, improving work, business and financial performance. People who suffer the grief and loss of a loved one will learn to cultivate inner wellbeing, assisting the healing process.Read more

Have you heard of the placebo effect? It is common knowledge that expectations and beliefs have significant effects on our body’s healing – yet is it possible to trigger this response without a sugar pill? In this online training course we will learn how the placebo effect works and if we can develop our minds in a way to allow healing and optimal health to take place.

Week 1: Activating the relaxation response to manage stress.
Week 2: Dealing with destructive emotions Read more

Our mission is to support you in achieving your goals and living a fulfilling life.

You have the potential to find your own solutions and inner happiness. Our services facilitate this process. The only requirement we have is that you must want to change. Our aim is to help you achieve clarity and confidence to work through issues that are holding you back, so you can enjoy a happy life. With our unique background using the latest scientific research in psychology, neuroscience and contemplative traditions, we offer a vast array of tools and exercises, Read more

Elite V.I.P. Package 12months
Elite V.I.P. Package 6months
Gold Rate Package
Silver Rate Package Read more

Silent Mindfulness Days are held on the Saturdays listed below (as part of the regular weekend retreat program starting Fri evening – ending Sunday afternoon) in peaceful bushland environment surrounded in nature 60 minutes drive Southeast from Perth CBD.

It’s for those wishing to cultivate peace, clarity, focus & relaxation – with mindfulness instructions, guided meditations, healthy lunch & dinner plus a yoga class, movie and a fun group discussion session included. This day is the main day of the residential weekend mindfulness meditation retreat which will start on Read more