Online Training for Personal Development

Online Course 1: Developing the Mind to Heal the Body

Have you heard of the placebo effect?   It is common knowledge that expectations and beliefs have significant effects on our body’s healing – yet is it possible to trigger this response without a sugar pill? In this online training course we will learn how the placebo effect works and if we can develop our minds in a way to allow healing and optimal health to take place.

 Have you ever been in situations where your emotional reactions came as a big surprise? You may have experienced a reactive anger, confused fear or fallen in love with someone or situation that you would have never expected?
This course aims to uncover the root causes of emotions, what function do they serve and what sustains their existence.  We will also reveal practical guides to dealing and regulating your emotional world.
Course 3 : Cultivating Emotional Balance (Part1), Dania Percy
8 week course
Course 4 : Looking at and investigating one’s Self & how to deal with what you find. (including self love & acceptance) Dania Percy

Duration: 20 minutes of guided meditation and 40 minutes of presentation

Payment is inclusive of Stripe fee, 1.75% +30c.

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