Cultivating Emotional Balance Based Retreat

The Cultivating Emotional Balance research project arose from a dialogue between scientists studying emotion and the Dalai Lama and Buddhist monks and scholars.

At this meeting, the Dalai Lama asked scientists if they could conduct research to determine whether or not secularized Buddhist practices would be helpful to Westerners dealing with “destructive” emotional experiences.

In response to this request, Dr. Paul Ekman and Dr. B. Alan Wallace, developed a training program that integrated Buddhist contemplative practices with Western techniques for dealing with negative emotional experiences.

The training’s purpose is to reduce emotional responses that are destructive to self and others and enhance compassion and empathy. This research project, “Cultivating Emotional Balance In Challenging Times” (CEB), is the result of that interchange.

This retreat will be led by Dania Percy (trained in neuroscience and psychology) who will be certified CEB trainer, upon completion of an intensive 5 week course taught by Dr. B Alan Wallace and Dr. Ekman.

This retreat will include content from the internationally renowned “Cultivating Emotional Balance” course which was initiated by the Dalai Lama and created by leading scientist on emotions Paul Ekman and Alan Wallace.

Over the past ten years, eminent psychologist of emotion Dr Paul Ekman and Buddhist scholar and contemplative Dr Alan Wallace have developed an innovative new group- training program, Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB).

There has been scientific research that empirically shows benefits after completing the CEB training!

Results from scientific testing: After completing CEB the training group reported reduced trait negative affect, rumination, depression, and anxiety and increased trait positive affect and mindfulness compared to the control group.

On a series of behavioural tasks, the training increased recognition of emotions in others and protected trainees from the psychophysiological effects of an experimental threat to self. In addition CEB appeared to activate cognitive networks associated with compassion, as well as reducing hostile behaviour in a marital interaction task. Most effects were maintained 5 months after the end of the training period.

The findings of the study clearly suggested that the increased awareness of mental processes facilitated by CEB can positively influence emotional behaviour.

The Retreat

The scientific findings above were tested on individuals who completed an 8 week course of 42 hours. The retreat will be extracts from the content and practices of the 8 week retreat. Dania Percy, is a certified Cultivating Emotional Balance teacher and will teach the retreat, assisted by Michael Percy, who also attended the Contemplative component of the CEB Teacher Training with Alan Wallace.

What to expect from the retreat

The retreat still aims to provide a kind, supportive and relaxing environment for you to look within, and cultivate an optimal mind and heart to support you along your path of wellness, happiness and wisdom.

In addition to the Cultivating Emotional Balance course content, there will be daily yoga, guided meditations, opportunities to go for a walk and healthy meals.

Spaces are limited so pre-bookings are essential.

This retreat is open for ALL experiences, levels and backgrounds.

More about CEB

The broad aim of CEB is to introduce large numbers of people to the well-being and fulfillment that can arise from grounded emotion regulation and mind training skills. The program elegantly integrates psychological and Buddhist theories and practices for achieving exceptional mental balance; its key features include the cultivation of meaningful ideals and aspirations, the building of attention skills and mindfulness, and the development of emotional resonance, resilience and control. The central theme of CEB’s innovative approach is the development of heightened abilities in the monitoring of a wide variety of mental states thus allowing for wiser choices for action and impulse control.