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aboutusWith over 28 years of combined experience in mindfulness training, we give you the skills and training necessary to increase mental focus, clarity, effectiveness, work-life balance, relaxation, and creativity. We offer regular mindfulness, emotional balance, yoga and health retreats, live courses & online programs.

Dania Percy, Provisional Psychologist,  completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) with distinction in Neuroscience and Psychology in 2006. Dania conducted theoretical research into understanding the neural basis of consciousness, perception, emotions, decision making and attention with world famous Professors such as Christof Koch & Antonio Damasio – at top neuroscience labs in the world including Caltech. She started a PhD in Neurology and quit after completing the course work to continue her life’s quest to understand how and why we form a conscious representation of reality – through contemplative, introspective and mindfulness based approaches.

Through developing her mind, Dania learnt and understood the ways to train the mind towards genuine happiness and fulfillment. After 8 years of mindfulness training, contemplation and inward reflection, strong compassion arose to help others to become free of their stress, pain and mental suffering. Dania combines a scientific understanding of the mind, using the latest empirically tested psychological therapy models (mainly CBT & ACT) and an introspective approach.
Since then Dania has been facilitating the movement of wellbeing in Perth, through public talks, workshops, mindfulness meditation retreats and through one-on-one counseling and coaching. Dania has undertaken the path towards becoming a registered psychologist and she is currently registered with AHPRA as a provisional psychologist.
After many years of using the western scientific paradigms of neuroscience and psychology to understand the mind, human experience and reality, along with immersing herself in mindfulness training traditions, she and her husband Michael have taken the best of these worlds to deliver strategies and programs to help others achieve focus, clarity, work-life balance, fulfillment and success.

“Always very gentle, insightful, coming from a place of compassion and love. Dania’s sensitive nature shines through, along with her humour and quirkiness” – Fleur Gilroy

“Dania; you are amazing! A wealth of knowledge, love and light- I would love to bring this training to my place of work – I will be back for more!” – Melanie M’Aleer

“Great! So enthusiastic, knowledgeable, kind and insightful” – Ruth Turner

“Wow! I think Dania is compelling with your talks, your voice is mesmerising. I love your beautiful soul and enquiring mind. I am grateful that you have shared your wisdom.” Maureen Ahern

“ I thoroughly enjoyed the way you present, your passion on this topic is inspiring. Keep up the great work” – Michael McLeod

“Dania, you are a living example of what you taught us. Modelling is a very powerful teaching tool. Your knowledge and passion is truly inspiring” Jill S.

“A beautiful soul, Dania. Your careful, pensive presentation of all content provided an insight to the essence of life. Thank you” Margaret Neville

Michael Percy studied Commerce, English Literature and History, and graduated from U.W.A. with a B.Arts (1st Class Hons) in 2000. From 1995 to 2000 he studied mindfulness intensively in centres across Australia and NZ. After meeting Ajahn Brahm in 2000, he was inspired to ordain as a monk at Bodhinyana, south of Perth, in 2001. He served as Ajahn Brahm’s personal secretary for 3 years, taught mindfulness in Prisons, Centres across Australia, spoke at conferences in NSW, public talks and workshops in Singapore as well as a number of cities in India. Michael left monastic life in 2008. Since 2010 Michael has been caretaker, with his wife Dania Percy, of Jhana Grove Meditation Retreat Centre in Serpentine, where they facilitate booked out retreats. Michael has also worked in healthcare at Royal Perth Hospital, and as a consultant specializing in Epicor ERP Financial Management. Michael is a certified Senior Trainer and Consultant with The Potential Project – the global gold standard in Corporate Based Mindfulness Training. Michael is passionate about sharing his understanding and training in mindfulness with as broad an audience as possible – showing the way to greater focus, clarity, relaxation, health and happiness.

“Mike you have a beautiful presence, as Dania said “like cool water”. – Melanie M’Aleer

“Again wow, I think of Mike as a steady rock that both Dania and the participants can anchor to. A comforting presence that brings balance and wisdom”- Maureen Ahern

“Mike you as so grounding and practical; also your manner in guided meditations is very calming. As a couple the balance is perfect!” – Meredith

“I really valued your contribution and examples throughout the retreat. Your wisdom has made an impact on me and I’m excited to put some of your tips into practice” Michael McLeod

“Your gentle humour and caring support is noticed. Your calm wisdom emirates as you lead meditations and enrich ideas” Margaret Neville

Our Vision

What inspires us to get up in the morning? It’s to continually develop our hearts and mind towards goodness and freedom. Not just ourselves- but to provide meaningful value to as many people whose lives we can touch. We get joy and inspiration when we can positively impact and support others awareness of their own mind. For others realization that they no longer need to be a slave of previous habits that harmed themselves and others, and their realization that they can develop their mind and hearts towards happiness and freedom.

We offer regular mindfulness, relaxation and wellness retreats. Online and in person. We are happy to support you in your journey of personal empowerment.

Guided Loving Kindness Meditation – Michael Percy, March 22, 2015

We invite you to support us in our mission to raise awareness at a global level of the benefits of kindness, compassion, harmony and mindfulness meditation. When you support us, it will give us the resources to provide free training and support to those who would not have the possibility to be exposed otherwise – like free online meditation classes, teaching at schools, prisons, the Department for Child Protection, free live classes in Perth, and concessions offered on our retreats for those on low incomes or recovering from serious illnesses.


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