Our Vision

What inspires us to get up in the morning? It's to continually develop our hearts and mind towards goodness and freedom. Not just ourselves- but to provide meaningful value to as many people whose lives we can touch. We get joy and inspiration when we can positively impact and support others awareness of their own mind. For others realization that they no longer need to be a slave of previous habits that harmed themselves and others, and their realization that they can develop their mind and hearts towards happiness and freedom.

We offer regular mindfulness, relaxation and wellness retreats. Online and in person. We are happy to support you in your journey of personal empowerment.

What We Offer


Our retreats will help you develop focus, manage stress and develop your mind to an optimal state, improving work, business and financial performance. People who suffer the grief and loss of a loved one will learn to cultivate inner wellbeing, assisting the healing process.


“Complete bliss and serenity. No more stress or worry. Calm, focused attention. More happiness. These are the benefits that I experience as soon as I listen to Zen12.” - Lily Jensen


Would you like to enhance your wellbeing, reduce stress, build better relationships and develop resilience in challenging times? Accredited Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) teacher Dania Percy will be sharing tools and techniques to achieve these aims during an extended weekend retreat February 5th 2016.


Develop your mind in the comfort of your own home with our online courses.

Unleashing the Healing Within:
Learning the mind body connection and how to develop the mind to allow optimal physical healing.
Cultivating Emotional Balance:
Do you get Angry? Sad? Anxious? Learn how to cultivate emotional balance through a peaceful and insightful 5 day retreat focusing on cultivating emotional balance, contemplation, meditation and latest scientific research by emotion.
Fundamentals of Meditation:
Having trouble with unwanted thoughts and overwhelming emotions? In this online course you will find ways to move on, let go and find peace, clarity and inner freedom.